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Removing Cases from a Folder

If a folder is writable by you, you can remove any cases that have been added to it. Note that removing a case from a folder has no effect on the case itself: you are simply removing a reference to the case. To remove cases from a folder:

  1. Open the folder in the Case Manager.
  2. Select the cases to remove, by clicking the checkboxes in their upper-left corners.
  3. Right-click on one of the selected cases and choose “Remove Selected Cases from Folder” from the menu. You will be asked to confirm this action.
  4. Alternately, you can right-click on the folder’s name and choose “Remove Selected Cases” from the menu.

Hint: if these menu choices do not appear, it means that you are not allowed to remove any cases from this folder. If you are not the folder’s owner, you may only remove cases which you personally added to the folder. If the folder contains cases which you think should be removed, email the folder’s owner or your systems administrator.

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