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Creating and Editing Quizzes

The Quiz feature lets you test the knowledge of your users. You build a quiz as part of a case, using the Case Editor.

Creating a Quiz

Quiz Options

When creating a quiz, there are a few optional features:

require quiz
If you select this checkbox, the case will be locked in training mode until the quiz is completed. Users will need to answer all the questions in each text section before proceeding to subsequent sections.
allow only one guess per question
If checked, then users can make only one guess before the correct answer is revealed. If unchecked, they must continue guessing until they choose the right answer.
Hide (History) text until this section's questions are answered
For locked quizzes, check this box to force the user to take the quiz before revealing the text in that section. The section named will correspond to the currently selected tab at the top of the editor (History, Findings, and so on.)

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