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Creating a New Case Through Email

This optional feature allows you to create cases by sending email with attached images (this feature will work if email is sent without attachments). Check with your systems administrator to determine whether or not this feature is installed on your system.

If the email feature is enabled, you can create a case by sending an email message to username@domain-name, where <username> is your MyPACS Login ID and <domain-name> is the full domain name of the teaching file server (which is typically the same domain as the URL that you use to access the teaching file).

If your PACS workstation supports emailing images, you can create cases directly using that feature.

The subject line of the email will become the case title. The message body will become the case text. If any of the following case labels appears in the body of the email then MyPACS will add the text following the label to the corresponding case field:

If none of the case labels appear in the body of the email then all text will be put into the Discussion field.

To make the case sharable add “Public” on a separate line in the body of the email. To keep the case private add “Private” on a separate line.

When the teaching file server receives the email, a private case will be created and placed in a folder called “Inbox” in your home folder. If the folder does not exist, it will be created for you when an email is first received. You can then edit the case to assign categories, add more text, or make it public.

If the attached images are DICOM, then all recognizable header fields will be extracted and automatically entered into case properties.

You can remove cases from the Inbox folder if you are no longer working on them.

You may add additional images and text to a case in the Inbox through subsequent emails. If an email arrives with attached DICOM images matching the patient of an existing case in the Inbox, then the images and text will be appended to the existing case. This is particularly useful if your PACS only lets you email images from one study at a time.

Additionally, if a new email message is received with the same subject line as a previously received email (and the case is still in the Inbox), the images and text will be appended to the existing case.

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