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Creating and Editing Cases

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Creating a Case from Change Healthcare PACS Workstations

Create a case in your account through a webform launched from a Change Healthcare PACS workstation.

Preparing to Create a Case

Prepare images for cases and send them to the teaching file server using DICOM or file upload.

Launching the Case Editor

Start the Case Editor to create a new case or edit an existing case.

Entering Case Properties

Enter the title, patient information, anatomy, pathology, modalities, and other attributes.

Entering Case Text

Enter history, findings, diagnosis, discussion, references, and other text.

Saving Your Changes

Submit the form to save your changes to the server.

Uploading Files into a Case

Add any kind of file to a case by uploading it through your web browser.

Adding Annotated Images to a Case

Add an annotated version of an image to a case.

Using the DICOM Interface

Add images and properties to the case from the teaching file’s DICOM queue.

Managing Case Images

Edit captions, reorder images, delete images, and control when images are displayed.

Editing a Case Using Quick Edit

Edit case text from within the case viewer.

Deleting Cases

Remove cases and their images from the repository.

Certifying a Case

Approve cases that have not yet been certified for accuracy or quality.

Creating a Case through Email

Create a case automatically by sending an email to the teaching file system.

Creating a Case Using a Shared Folder

Create a case automatically by copying images to a shared folder.