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Exploring the Repository

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Browsing and Searching Cases

Fewer clicks, faster response. Spend more time looking at cases.

Advanced Search

Specify a query using any combination of attributes, such as author, modality, patient information, and exam date.

Searching Cases from Change Healthcare PACS Workstations

Using contextual search, find related cases in Study Share from the PACS workstation to aid in decision support.

Viewing Images

Enlarge or shrink case images, view them on a black background, retrieve the original formats, and save them to your hard drive.

Using Training Mode

Training mode allows you to view cases as unknowns and then progressively reveal the findings, diagnosis, and discussion text.

Playing Movies and Audio Files

Some cases contain animated movies (such as ultrasound clips) or audio files. You can view these in your browser with the appropriate plugin.

Posting Comments

Leave comments on cases for others to read.

Presenting Cases at Conferences

Use the case viewer to present cases at conferences without having to use PowerPoint.

Finding Users

Search for a user by name, email, or login ID.

Emailing Cases

Inform your colleagues about interesting cases.

Saved Searches

Save search requests and have results automatically emailed to you.