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Presenting Cases at Conferences

Users often attend conferences to go over educational cases, and you may present cases directly from the teaching file system. A typical workflow is as follows:

  1. Create a folder called “Conferences.”
  2. Under the Conferences folder, create a subfolder for each conference date.
  3. Create a new case and add it to the conference folder for presentation at the meeting. You can also add existing cases to your conference folder.
  4. When the conference begins, project the teaching file system directly on the display screen, turn on Training Mode, and navigate to the conference folder. During the meeting, each participant can come forward in turn and click on their case. With training mode on, the presenter can discuss the case as an unknown and quiz the audience on the findings.

By using Study Share to host your conferences, you avoid incurring the overhead of creating PowerPoint presentations, and you have a historical record of all case presentations.

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