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Editing a Group

You have complete control over any groups that you create.

Find Your Group

Your groups describes the ways you can find groups which you control.

Editing Name and Description

Click on “name” as highlighted below to open inline editing of the group name. Hit enter/return to update or escape to cancel.

The “description” link, beside the “name” link, works in similar fashion with submit buttons.

Making a group a default

Default Group

Any user owned group can be set as a default for all new users. Making it a default does not affect current users, only users created afterward.

The default status for the group is just as easy to remove.

Removing a group default

Membership Changes

You can add or remove all users with a single mouse click. You can also view lists of members and nonmembers to add or remove individual users.

Membership by Searching Users

At the bottom of the group options is a search box for adding users. You can search on substrings of usernames and names to easily add specific individuals. Comma separated search strings are allowed.

Adding users by searching names

Deleting a Group

A user owned group may be deleted. Special groups like Authors that are used by the system to govern authorization for various views and tasks may not be deleted.

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