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Your Groups

The Group Index

You can view the list of groups by clicking “Go” ‐ “Permission Groups” in the top of most pages.

The list has expandable details and links to groups which you have authority to edit. The list is filterable in several ways including–

Groups index

Groups and Cases and Folders

The owner of a case or folder can grant read and write privileges to members of a group. If group members have read-only access, they can view but not edit the case or folder. If group members have writable access, they can edit the case or add contents to the folder.

To see the groups to which you belong–

Groups You Manage

Cases using the group

Cases Using the Group

Access to reading and writing cases may be controlled via groups. The group’s page shows the current tally.

Membership in Other Groups

If you want to be added to or removed from a group that you do not control, contact the group’s owner or your administrator.

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