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Posting Comments

You can post comments to any case. Comments can be either public (viewed by anyone) or private (viewable by only the comment author). Comments are useful for leaving searchable notes to yourself about a case, leaving feedback for the case author, starting a general discussion, pointing out additional findings, or questioning the validity of the case.

The owner of a case will receive an email every time a comment is posted to his case.

To post a comment:

  1. Be sure that you are logged in and Training Mode is turned off.
  2. Navigate to the case you would like to post a comment to.
  3. Click on “Comments” tab.

  4. Click the “Post a new comment” link to open the comment form.
  5. Enter your comment.
  6. Click “Post.” The comment is now attached to the case:

The author of the case will receive an email alert that a comment has been posted to one of his or her cases.

Be judicious about the public comments that you post: you are leaving a record on someone’s case, and the author of the case cannot delete your comment.

You can edit or delete your own comment by revisiting the case and clicking on the corresponding link to the right of the comment.

You can retrieve cases by searching for comment text. Go to Advanced Search, enter the search text, and uncheck all the “Match On” boxes except for “Comments:”

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